Cataloging & Appraisal Service

Nate's Record Resale is now providing cataloging and appraisal services for your record collections. If you have a pile of valuable records that need identification, expert grading, and appraisal, Nate's Record Resale will do the job for only $0.50 per record! This gets you full access to your collection through the Discogs digital database along with customizable and easily manageable folders, constantly updated appraisal estimates using the Discogs market value calculator, printable excel spreadsheets for offline use, and access to your collection from your PC or smart phone. No more buying double/triples of that one album you keep forgetting you had and no more wondering if that imported Beatles - White Album you have will set you on the path towards early retirement. Rough on-site appraisals available for only $50.00. Vacuum cleaning service and fresh record sleeves available upon request at additional cost. Contact us today for all your service inquiries!

Features include:
- Professional and experienced grading of all records on an individual basis using Goldmine record grading standards.
Fully typed album descriptions in your collection’s reference notes.
- The ability to compare and contrast with your collection with the millions of albums in the Discogs database — one of the internet’s largest!
Create, customize, and sort digital folders to easily manage your music collection.
Gain full access to your collection from any computer with or without an internet connection using exportable and printable excel worksheets.
- Access your collection anywhere, anytime, using the Discogs mobile app.
- Constantly updated appraisal service using the Discogs market database -- watch your collection's value fluctuate with the market!
- Sick of that one album? Have doubles? Sell it on the Discogs marketplace! Full access to Discogs seller services should your heart desire.
Cleaning service and fresh record sleeves available upon request for an additional cost.
One-time summary appraisal upon completion of service.



Only $0.50 Per Record

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